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MMS2 Master Mineral Solution 2 Capsules

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Quick Overview

MMS2 – Master Mineral Solution (also known as Miracle Mineral Solution and Miracle Mineral Supplement) Calcium Hypochlorite powder in 400mg capsules (Size Zero) x 60

MMS2 Master Mineral Solution 2 Capsules

MMS2 (Calcium Hypochlorite)

Anecdotal evidence suggests there are numerous benefits to using MMS2 capsules (Calcium Hypochlorite powder) but please be aware that we only suggest our products for the purpose of water purification, although there are many other purported benefits.
MMS2 is easy to carry in your backpack, store in your campervan or even carry in your pocket while travelling and hiking. (Avoid exposing to direct sunlight and excessive heat as this can reduce efficacy.)

By using MMS2 water disinfectant capsules, within hours you could have safe and purified drinking water.
The Master Mineral Solution (MMS) is an excellent water purification oxidising agent and a must for all travellers, be it the wilderness or simply another country or district where you feel water sanitation is questionable. We cannot make any claims here as to the suitability for other uses, but for your convenience we have provided some links at the bottom of this page for those who are interested in using it for the protocols and other purposes suggested by Jim Humble. For example, it is said to be excellent for sterilising fruit, door knobs and preserving cut flowers - but please understand that as sellers of this product, we cannot advise on these matters.

MMS2 in capsule form - Calcium Hypochlorite powder - acts as a water purification treatments to allow for a very easy method by which you can turn almost any drinking water source (not heavy in minerals or contaminated) into purified water within a very short period of time.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – MMS2 (Calcium Hypochlorite)

Each capsule contains 400mg of Calcium Hypochlorite. When added to water it will form Hypochlorous Acid. The powder in the capsules is rated as 65% 'available chlorine'.  This is not a measure of the percentage of Calcium Hypochlorite, but the portion of 'theoretically available' chlorine in the powder.  There is a small amount of calcium salts, such as calcium chloride and calcium carbonate, as a by product of the process of creating the powder. The amount of Hypochlorous Acid formed depends on the pH of the water, to which it is added, with slightly acidic water being the optimal.  
We wish to clarify for you that MMS2, used correctly, WILL kill pathogens found in water supplies. But please be aware that it is not going to work like a water ‘filtration’ process – whatever was in the water prior to using MMS2 to purify the water will still be there but any pathogens will be neutralised from being a threat.
Although this product is marketed as water purification, we are of course aware there are off label uses, particularly the Jim Humble protocols, and for this reason we are using a powder rather than the granule form more commonly found as a 'pool shock' (as that can contain UV stabilisers, and possibly some binders and anti-caking agents depending on the brand in question.)
For water purification, we have rated our MMS2 as one capsule treating 50 litres of water. In practise it should sanitise several times more, but this can be treated as a guideline.  


MMS2 - Calcium Hypochlorite in powder form – is an excellent method to purify drinking water. The MMS2 capsules are very convenient to carry with you and to store. Below are the steps to follow in regard to using the Master Mineral Solution MMS2 capsules (also known as Miracle Mineral Solution and Miracle Mineral Supplement).

To purify drinking water with MMS2 (Calcium Hypochlorite)

- Add the contents of 1 capsule of MMS2 per 50 litres (13 US gallons) of water and wait 30 minutes.

If you would like additional information:
Jim Humble main website
     - http://www.jimhumble.biz
 Yahoo MMS group:
     - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/miracle_mineral_supplement/
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