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Liposomal Vitamin C with Glutathione

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Liposomal Vitamin C with Glutathione 5.9 oz/175ml bottle

Take 5ml (one teaspoon) daily or as directed by your physician. Mix into one ounce juice if more flavouring is desired. Feel free to adapt to suit your preferences….

Popular serving sizes per bottle:
5ml(~1,000mg Vit-C) per day = 35 days(5 weeks)
6ml(~1,200mg Vit-C) per day = 28 days(4 weeks)

Liposomal Vitamin C with Glutathione

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Liposomal Vitamin C: Medical Results in an Oral Formulation?

All of us at Future Health Today™ are well aware how valuable Vitamin C is to you and your overall health. Vitamin C has been credited with offering relief from a multitude of health concerns ranging from the common cold to cancer.  The only hindrance from you reaping the benefits of this vital antioxidant is the inability for your body to utilize it efficiently and effectively. With a slightly less than 20% absorption rate most of the value of this essential nutrient is passed through the body without you ever seeing or feeling its contributions to your health.

Remember, there are fat- soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin C falls into the water-soluble category, and because cell membranes are made up of fat, absorption is a struggle. Nature’s Advances™ considers the absorption or more precisely, the lack of absorption, of Vitamin C as a real problem.  This is why we have taken our Vitamin C and designed a liposomal delivery system utilizing our phosphatidylcholine-linoleic acid complex. This complex includes sunflower oil which is purified, free of any genetically modified organisms, and whose only job is to transport our Vitamin C right into your cells!

Packaging the Vitamin C in this way ensures quick delivery while eliminating the messy complications which often accompany higher doses of Vitamin C. You will not experience an irritated bowel or the diarrhea that stems from it.

The success of our product is due to:

  • Nature’s Advances™ phospholipid encapsulation (increased bioavailability)

  • Glutathione


In addition to our phosphatidylcholine-linoleic acid complex we package our Vitamin C with glutathione, another of the body’s vital antioxidants. The combination of these two powerful antioxidants forms a relationship which can best be described as symbiotic. Glutathione works to recycle Vitamin C allowing for its reuse by your body and Vitamin C is actually one of the precursors to glutathione!

Vitamin C and glutathione work synergistically to:

  • Elevate immune function

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Provide protection for cells

Our inspiration for Liposomal Vitamin C comes from the “Father of Vitamin C,” Dr. Linus Pauling. Dr. Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, discovered through his research why we no longer have the ability to produce our own Vitamin C. Our ancestor’s diet was centered around plant-based foods, and because these foods were an excellent source of Vitamin C, we no longer needed to make our own.  Unfortunately, the fast-paced society of today focuses on processed foods greatly lacking in Vitamin C. This has led to a country full of consumers suffering from a Vitamin C deficiency.

Nutrient deficiencies are the foundation of most illness and a Vitamin C deficiency can very likely lead to inflammation, a less than perfect immune system, and chronic disease in the form of cancer and heart disease.


High levels of Vitamin C, along with glutathione and other antioxidants, are what we need when we encounter and subsequently have to kill free radicals, the unstable and highly reactive molecules in the body. Too many of these free radicals and oxidative stress occurs, a process by which your cell’s membranes, DNA, and proteins are damaged.

Disease (including cancer), begin with damaged cells.

What causes free radicals?

Free radicals are produced from simply living. The good news is they can be kept in check. The bad news? When you engage in poor lifestyle choices that include smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating an inflammatory diet, free radicals will increase and run rampant in your body, increasing your risk of cancer.

You are probably aware of the effects large doses of Vitamin C can have on cancer. Many doctors have successfully treated patients diagnosed with cancer by administering these doses though an intravenous tube. Our liposomal Vitamin C can deliver comparable amounts in an oral administration, just as safely, and just as effectively.

New studies are now showing Vitamin C can even stop the growth of tumors under the right conditions.

Heart Disease

Collagen, a protein in the body that supports the shape and strength of connective tissue, blood vessels, and the skin, is produced by Vitamin C.  

What happens when Vitamin C is in short supply?

Scientific studies found when there were reduced levels of Vitamin C in the body there were often increased levels of a certain type of cholesterol. This cholesterol, lipoprotein-a, is responsible for an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

When Vitamin C is absent, lipoprotein- a will take on the vitamin’s job of strengthening the artery walls; however, not without a price. Lipoprotein-a is a primary component of plaque, explaining its role in heart disease. Vitamin C comes with no such price or compromise.

We’re not asking you to make any compromises either. Our product offers you health benefits and improvements you will see and feel.

With daily doses equaling 1 gram, Nature’s Advances™ Liposomal Vitamin C’s value is apparent when ordering a month’s supply.

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