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Jiaogulan Whole Leaf Tea

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Jiaogulan Whole Leaf Tea
100g Foil Bag makes 100 cups of the finest tea you have ever tasted
Jiaogulan Whole Leaf Tea

Jiaogulan Tea (‘Herb of Immortality’)

The truly wonderful effects of Jiaogulan (pronounced “jow-goo-lawn”) tea are felt by many of our customers within a week. You will quickly feel the difference in increased energy, stamina, sounder sleep patterns, mental alertness, and heightened perception and physical performance.

And, did we mention this is likely to be the finest tea you have EVER tasted!

In China, it has been used for many years as a medicinal and energizing tea in the local regions where it grows. Jiaogulan is sometimes called ‘Southern Ginseng’, because it is similar to ginseng in chemical composition and function, and it grows in the southern areas of China.

Jiaogulan - (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) - is a perennial vine growing herb native to the remote mountainous regions of Southern China, an area well known for the longevity and vitality of its inhabitants. The plant has been consumed as a tea for centuries, with holistic texts - since the 16th century - listing the ‘Herb of Immortality’. It is now spread throughout various parts of Asia as a wild and cultivated plant, and can also be found in Japan, Korea, and the mountains of Thailand. Many of the residents in the region of China where Jiaogulan is growing live extraordinarily long lives and consume the tea daily to provide energy and relieve fatigue. The residents attribute their longevity and vitality to their daily use of Jiaogulan.

Chinese government officials and the Chinese Academy of Medical Science became interested in Jiaogulan when China conducted its first national census in the late 1970’s, but not before a Japanese researcher by the name of Dr Masahiro Nagai investigated the use of Jiaogulan, in 1972,  as an alternative to artificial sweeteners.

This initial research and subsequent interest in the healing properties of Jiaogulan has spurred extensive ongoing research, and has demonstrated a wide variety of impressive benefits without any toxic or negative side effects. These abundant studies follow modern scientific research methodology.

For example, research shows that Jiaogulan is beneficial for high blood pressure, cancer therapy, improved athletic performance, reducing stroke and heart attack risk, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, insomnia, fatigue, obesity and reducing cholesterol. Research also suggests that Jiaogulan may be beneficial as an anti-aging agent in slowing the aging process of cells and membranes, and acts to protect immune efficiency in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. Evidence certainly points to improved quality and longevity of life by daily consumption of Jiaogulan tea!

The effects of Jiaogulan are often noticeable within a week. People soon feel the difference in increased energy, stamina, sounder sleep patterns, mental alertness, heightened perception and physical performance. The tea has a double-direction, regulating influence, meaning it will calm you when overexcited and stimulate you when you are feeling depressed.

With Jiaogulan tea you have the added benefit of being able to eat the leaves, which are quite tasty, so you get some excellent (additional) green roughage in your diet.  As you are no doubt aware, roughage (also called fibre or bulk) helps the body smooth the wave like contractions that move food through the intestine. High roughage foods expand the inside walls of the colon, easing the passage of waste.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Jiaogulan Tea (‘Herb of Immortality’)

The research by Dr. Masahiro Nagai captured the attention of Dr. Tsunematsu Takemoto, a specialist in herbal medicine who was in the process of studying a Chinese melon from the same plant family as Jiaogulan. Dr. Takemoto focused his studies on Jiaogulan for ten years until his passing in 1989. Over the following years, the properties and effects of the compounds in Jiaogulan were subject to intense scientific investigation and extensive clinical studies, and as direct result of Dr Takemoto’s initial findings, Jiaogulan became popular in Japan.

Interest waned for a number of years when, for some inexplicable reason, the company producing the tea replaced Jiaogulan with Mulberry leaves. Recently Jiaogulan has resurfaced in Japan in its pure form, known as ‘amachazuru’ in Japan and people are enjoying amazing results from drinking the tea. The Western world is also now discovering Jiaogulan and its extraordinary health supporting properties, with many countries (Germany, Ireland, Italy, Czechoslovakia and the U.S.A.) undertaking extensive studies.

During the 1994, Summer Olympics the Chinese athletes were winning so many medals that the sanctioning body of world sports decided to test for the use of illegal metabolic steroids. The athletes were found to be free of steroids, but it was later reported that the Chinese coach used Jiaogulan to enhance their physical performance.

People of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles can greatly benefit from enhanced energy, vitality and mental awareness that come with drinking Jiaogulan tea. People with busy schedules will find it gives them renewed energy and reduces stress.

Athletes, both amateur and professional, notice an almost immediate increase in stamina and endurance. Senior citizens and others who have lost stamina and strength often notice a boost in energy levels. This energy boost is quite different from a sugar or an adrenaline rush.

The boost from Jiaogulan is a natural increase in energy without the rush. You feel calm, but quickly notice that you have more endurance and vitality without any side effects. These initial results, important as they are, are only a partial view of what Jiaogulan is really doing.


Stress related health problems such as hypertension, anxiety, headaches and abnormal sleep patterns respond to Jiaogulan. Stress has many serious implications for our long-term health, such as over production of cortisol which could lead to Cushing's syndrome (in severe cases) or other imbalances in physiological systems. Jiaogulan tea, in a very passive and non-invasive way, will help the body to cope.

The gypenosides (also known as saponins) in Jiaogulan have a regulatory effect on a wide spectrum of our biological systems, including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, immune system, reproductive system, central nervous system and endocrine system. Jiaogulan increases the body’s natural abilities to respond to a wide spectrum of internal and external stress.


Jiaogulan tea acts as an antioxidant by stimulating our body to synthesize its own endogenous antioxidants … superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione. These are part of our natural defense system that controls free radical oxidative damage. When free radicals are produced in excessive quantities in response to unnatural levels of stress, both external and internal, we need to boost our level of antioxidants as well.

As we grow older, our natural ability to produce endogenous antioxidants decreases. Free radical oxidative damage results in cellular disintegration and dysfunction that can damage specific organs and disturb the equilibrium between various organs. This can result in a broad range of health problems and accelerate the aging process. The ability in Jiaogulan tea to induce natural self-healing is typified by its ability to induce synthesis of our own endogenous antioxidants.


Jiaogulan is one of the most powerful and effective adaptogens on the planet.  

Adaptogens are the precious gems of botanical healing and health. Their ancient history is filled with amazing claims of healing abilities. There is now an abundance of scientific research and clinical studies taking place around the word that is verifying their extraordinary results.

Jiaogulan, like other adaptogens, functions bi-directionally. Depending on the condition of your body it can either raise or lower a given condition until it meets normal parameters. If your blood pressure is too high, it will assist to lower the level. If your blood pressure is too low, it raises it. If you are hyperactive Jiaogulan calms your nerves, but if you are lethargic it may provide energy. This normalizing capacity also appears in blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Jiaogulan responds to the needs of our body and initiates effective action to bring the body into balance.

Jiaogulan is also multi-directional. Most herbs, and almost all medicines, aim at one specific problem to achieve one specific result and are uni-directional only. In contrast Jiaogulan works through various metabolic pathways to establish a balanced physiology and holistic health. Jiaogulan acts to regulate various biological systems to induce a natural state of functional balance between all systems of our body (homeostasis). This balance is the pre-condition for self-healing, vitality and long life. The Asian concept of the ‘Wisdom of Equilibrium’ proposes that when we are in proper balance, the body is capable of taking excellent care of itself.

The most recognized adaptogenic pathways include Jiaogulan’s capacity to improve cardiac output, thereby optimising the oxygen and nutrients carried to all our internal organs. A second adaptogenic metabolic pathway taken by Jiaogulan adjusts the balance of our central nervous system, and balance of glandular processes. This neuroendocrine regulation normalizes a broad spectrum of physiological, mental and emotional responses essential to induce and sustain good health. When we improve cardiac function and neuroendocrine regulation, we create a more balanced physiology that has a normalizing effect on our entire biophysical condition.

Jiaogulan does not work on one or other specific part of the body. It does not focus on only one health problem, and it does not work in the same way or produce the same benefits for different people. It works differently for each person to help bring that person into balance. Jiaogulan cleanses, detoxifies and helps the body normalise processes, and as a result you may experience mild discomfort such as slight nausea or increased bowel movements. (If you experience any reaction stop using this product and consult your physician.)

Our Jiaogulan tea is free from any synthetic chemicals that might result from the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The availability of fully mature, farm fresh Jiaogulan that is freeze dried to preserve its benefits provides you with the highest quality and most effective Jiaogulan product available anywhere. There are no synthetic additives or chemicals of any kind used in the freeze dry process. Our Jiaogulan tea is cultivated and harvested by working closely with Hill Tribe and other indigenous farming communities in Northern Thailand. We promote organic Jiaogulan cultivation and encourage the use of traditional agricultural practices that mirror the herb as it grows naturally - wild crafted rather than farm raised. In addition we send our farmers into the mountains to find Jiaogulan growing naturally in the wild - ethically wild harvested.  Many practitioners strongly believe that self raised plants are far more beneficial, particularly in tackling cancer.

Please note

Jiaogulan is not recommended for anyone taking immunosuppressive agents, or any prescription drugs to regulate heart conditions. It should be avoided by pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Please share this information with your healthcare provider and be sure to speak with your doctor about all prescription and non-prescription medicines before you begin to use any herbal product.



“Saponins affect the immune system in ways that help to protect the human body against cancers, and also lower cholesterol levels.” … Extract from ‘Saponins from edible legumes: chemistry, processing and health benefits.’  Journal of Medical Food, Spring 2004


Roughage (also called Fibre or bulk) helps the body smooth the wave like contractions that move food through the intestine. High roughage foods expand the inside the walls of the colon, easing the passage of waste. As roughage passes through the intestine undigested, it absorbs large amounts of water, resulting in softer and bulkier stool.

Consuming high-roughage foods results in larger, softer, and bulkier stools that pass through the bowel more easily and quickly, and this helps prevent or even reverse some digestive tract disorders. This also helps reduce constipation and straining which can help avoid or relieve haemorrhoids. Consuming more bulk means less pressure in the colon, and this is important in treating irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis.

It takes people living in Western urban cultures almost three (3) times as long to digest and eliminate foods than it does for rural cultures in Africa and Asia. Why? The diet of most rural people in those regions is rich in fibre, reducing the time required to digest food and expel waste. This helps sweep out harmful substances before they can cause problems in the body. In general, people living in rural areas of Africa and Asia suffer far less from many of the diseases of the digestive tract that plague Western people.

The recommended daily intake of roughage is around 30 grams, and yet the average person living in an urban area only consumes around 10 grams each day. That is also to say, people who consume fruits and vegetables which are high in fibre content, and tend to be low in calories, suffer less from weight gain problems.

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